About us

Funen Business Development Centre

Funen Business Development Centre works to promote and enhance the economic, occupational and business development on Fyn.

In close cooperation with other business development organisations, municipalities, the region and educational institutions inside and outside the region, Funen Business Development Centre underpins the improvement of business opportunities for trade and industry on Funen.

Funen Business Development Centre was established in 2001 as a commercial foundation.

Core competencies:

  • Analysis of regional development
  • Promotion of Funen
  • Centre for all business development activities in the region
  • Advice, support and assist Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) on EU programmes and funding, internationalisation and public procurement
  • Advice to SMEs concerning product development, organisation and markets
  • Project development
  • Investment promotion
  • EU legislation, EU and the information society, enlargement and other EU business related areas

Coordination of regional initiatives:

  • Medicinal - medico - biotech - pharma
  • Food
  • Food industry equipment
  • Production technology
  • IT